Setting Your Thermostat

If you set your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter, when it is 19 degrees outside, your heating systems have to work hard to make up that 49-degree difference. Your HVAC unit and your water heater work harder and cycle on and off more often, making your usage much higher.

That means your bill will be much higher. Even when members use other sources of heat, often times an electric blower is used to supplement a gas heater or fireplace which will run more during times of extreme cold and contribute to higher usage.

High Bills

Arkansas and several other states in the Midwest have been experiencing lower than average freezing temperatures this winter. Unfortunately, the extreme temperature fluctuations reflect directly on your energy bill and may be the reason many MCEC members have higher than normal bills. 

Bringing Power to Guatemalan Villages

In a joint effort with other Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, Mississippi County Electric Cooperative participated in a mission trip to Central America.

A representative from MCEC traveled to Guatemala joining mission crews from around the state to help electrify rural areas of the country. Keith Uselton, MCEC’s representative, shared some wonderful photos of his time in electrifying local villages.