Green Power

Green Power

Green Power is electricity generated from environmentally friendly and renewable resources such as wind, solar and water among others.

The Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas have always taken our role as environmental stewards seriously. To that end, over the last two decades we have invested approximately $330 million - more than one third of our capital investment in generation capacity - to develop renewable energy sources in the form of hydropower plants on the Arkansas River.

Now with Green Power logo, we invite you to join our efforts to help ensure clean, environmentally friendly power will be available for future generations.

How can you go green?
Make the commitment to energy efficiency in your own home, farm or business. Then, invest in renewable energy generation by joining Green Power logo. You voluntarily make a contribution on your monthly electric bill, based on blocks of renewable power, of $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100. Members who enroll will pay a premium on a portion of the power they use each month, part of which comes from three hydropower plants on the Arkansas River. Please note that your contribution will be in addition to your regular monthly electricity costs based on existing rates.

What will the Green Power logo fund be used for?


  1. To build green power generation facilities that the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas determine are feasible;
  2. To purchase green power kWh on the electricity market, if it is affordable and available;
  3. To further help the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas educate members about ways to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient.


Your Green Power contribution amount will be included on your monthly bill as a separate line item. You may cancel your program enrollment at any time.


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