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MCEC Irrigation Customers,

The growing season is upon us, and it's time to start thinking about your floods and pivots.  For those of you who participate in our Load Management System, it's also time to think about signing up for system notices.

As you may remember, previously we upgraded our control system, and as a part of that upgrade, we have added an end-user notice system.  By signing up for these otices, MCEC will contact you whenever an actual load management is scheduled, cancelled early, or other critical system events happen.  You can sign up to receive a text message or email (your preference).

To those members who have signed up for the system previously, we thank you, and you do not need to do anything further to remain on the system for the current season.  To those members who have not yet signed up, we realize many of you may have reservations about signing up for the notification system, but we make the following committment to you:  unless you specify otherwise, by signing up for this notice system, we will NOT use contact information you provide in any manner other than as we have outlined above.

By completing and submitting the following form, you grant MCEC (including its Officers, Employees, and/or Contractors) permission to contact you, via the text message or email address you provide, concerning load management system events ONLY.

If you wish to UNSUBSCRIBE at a later date, please enter the required information above and then type UNSUBSCRIBE in this box and submit the form